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Do You Want the Best Web Hosting Services by Hostinger?

Best Web Hosting Services by Hostinger

This article is absolutely for you and those who want to set up a blog or website at the initial level, for students, for internship level, for professionals, for small business owners, bloggers, etc.

In this article, I talk to you about the best Web Hosting services. What is Web Hosting? What is the benefit of hosting? Why do we need Hosting? Which is the best hosting service? What are the types of Hosting?

So there are many questions coming to your mind related to the best web hosting services.

Let’s discuss it one by one.

But firstly we also know about the domain.

What is Domain?

A domain name is the name of your website or blog name. It is an IP address of your website which is located on the Internet in this location. And DNS (Domain Naming System) changes the domain name to IP address and IP address to domain name.

The domain name is available on like .com, .in, .online, .org, .edu,, .tech, .live etc and also available countries wise like .in our country India has a domain. You can choose according to your priority or requirement. But most people prefer the .com domain.

IP address size is 32 bit (eg. ) in decimal format on IPv4 ( Internet Protocol Version 4 ) and

128 bits ( 2409:4052:4e18:3dbf:90df:21cd:f056:506d ) in hexadecimal format on IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6). You may also check your website IP address to find the IP address of Your website.

The IP address of LokeshNagar
IP address

Let’s take an example here

We saved the contact number of a person in his name on our mobile phone. Like a phone directory. When we call a particular person by the name from our phone, then it goes to a particular number which is called by us.

So we do this because we can’t remember a lot of numbers in our memory. So we saved by the name of a contact number.

There is also the same IP address. We can’t remember a lot of IP addresses in our memory So the IANA provides this service (IP address to Domain Name and vice versa ).

You may check out this link for the best domain.

Domain Checker

What is Web Hosting?

A web hosting service is a type of internet hosting service that allows the organization or individuals or web pages to post onto a website or blog.

In this time, whoever wants to set up a new blog or website, a small organization, or who wants to come on an online platform there is a basic need of hosting.

There are many web hosting service providers which provide shared web hosting and the cheapest web hosting services provider also. These are secure, manageable, reliable, easy to use, and secure and safe for your data or pages.

What is the Benefit of Hosting?

There are many benefits for taking hosting particularly for itself. The first one is that you can not depend on another service provider for shared hosting. Your data and confidential files and others are also in your access.

The second one is that hosting is a very reliable and scalable service when you want to update through a plan. Many plans are also available for whatever you charge.

You only pay them if you want this type of hosting. You need a little bit technical. You can easily handle it if you have some knowledge of computers and how to access google and youtube? 

Why do we Need Hosting?

So when we want to save our page on the internet then we need hosting. It’s like living in a house on rent. When we search for the best house in the city it’s the same as our queries for hosting. What is the monthly or yearly plan for hosting? What are the services provided by the owner? And other things.

Which is the best hosting service?

There are many web hosting providers in the world but I am talking about the best hosting service for a web hosting provider is Hostinger. It is a product of Google.

So it is believable and the Best hosting service provider. It is also the Cheapest hosting service provider compared to other web hosting services. Hostinger services are very fast, dedicated, reliable, secure, cost-effectively, simple, manageable, and easy to handle. You can compare to other hosting service providers also.

Types of Web Hosting?

There are six types of web hosting. Below are:-

1.   Shared Hosting:-

Shared hosting is for those who do just want to start a website or blog at an initial level. This web hosting for this level where all resources are used by all domains. Where your multiple websites store on the same server resources.

It is the perfect entry-level for beginning a website or blog like wanting to start a new blog, a small business, a small community, and many others. You can also update these plans according to your requirements.

Shared hosting plans are ideal for owners who do not have a large number of users or website traffic. I am also using shared hosting by hosting provider Hostinger. You may check it out through this link.

Shared web hosting by Hostinger.

shared Web hosting service
Shared web hosting with free domain
shared web hosting plan by Hostinger

2.   VPS hosting:-   

VPS stands for Virtual Private Hosting. VPS hosting is for those types of users who don’t know the most technically. It is good for middle types of users. It is needed for website owners to have more control but don’t necessarily need dedicated hosting. It is still a physical server with other users but each website hosts its own space on the server so it is also unique hosting.

VPS hosting provides more customization and space on the server for the owner but still can’t handle high traffic. VPS hosting offers the cost benefits of shared hosting. It is for advanced website owners who want to install specific software.

VPS web hosting services by Lokesh

3.   Dedicated Server Hosting:- 

Dedicated hosting for high traffic on your websites and also need control and managed the server by the website owner. In dedicated hosting full control to admin access owners and available a dedicated physical server requirement of the owner who controls everything. It is also the most expensive service.

WordPress web hosting service provider by Hostinger
WordPress web hosting service provider by Hostinger

4.   Cloud Hosting:-  

In cloud hosting uses the combined resources and running applications on many computers. This allows many users and resources to be used without build and maintenance.

Cloud hosting is scalable when your website grows then you can also grow the resources and pay for only those used resources.

It is used on a large scale like a company and big organization or large community.

WordPress web hosting service provider by Hostinger

5.   Managed Hosting:-

Managed to host is for non-technical users where all the technical work is done by the hosting service company like the all resources maintained updated software and running application, hardware, and operating systems also.

The owner can choose according to requirements for his/her business or others.

WordPress web hosting service provider by Hostinger

6.   Colocation:-

In this type of hosting you want a specific location where all the resources from cabinet to the all infrastructure, bandwidth, server space, cooling system, space rent, and all others installation processes, and manpower to handle it. Colocation hosting has more authorized, admin access on panel and hardware also.

WordPress Hosting:-

You can say that if you want to host only for WordPress sites. Because many users only use WordPress sites only for blog maximum and other sites.

It is also used to easily handle for users that it is also in high demand for who’s starting a blog or new website. It is a very popular web hosting for maximum users. You may check here directly. WordPress hosting

Which is the choose the best web hosting for you:-

Sometimes it is very difficult for us to choose the best hosting service.  So I am writing a summary of all the plans. Now you can choose it from below:

1.   Shared Hosting:-

It is for a beginning level user or professional level who starts a blog or website and initial level of business. It is also cost-effective.

2.   VPS hosting:-

This type of hosting is for advanced users and is also known technically. It is for medium-level or small to the medium-level business you can say. It’s cost higher than shared hosting.

3.   Dedicated Hosting:-

It is for higher traffic on your site and is dedicated to service. It is a very costly service for a large business level and wants to admin access or c panel.   

4.   Cloud Hosting:- 

It is for sharing multiple resources for multiple users at a time. It is also expensive compared to VPS hosting and dedicated hosting.

5.   Managed Hosting:-

Managed to host for those who want all the services according to owners. There all services are managed by the providers and instead, they charge. It has a high coast also.

6.   Colocation:-

If you want to set up your own hardware, Operating System, cooling, rent space, manpower, and all other admin access resources. This type of service by the providers. It is also very expensive.

Only for WordPress Site Hosting:-

WordPress site hosting is very reliable, easy to use, secure and safe, and very fast for sites. This type of service is only for WordPress sites. It is the cheapest web hosting service for WordPress site owners. You can just start at only Rs. 99/month for a single site. You can check more details and offers here.

WordPress Web Hosting

WordPress Hosting Plans

WordPress web hosting service provider by Hostinger
WordPress web hosting service provider by Hostinger

It is best for WordPress’s personal website hosting service. It is also useful for the best web hosting for beginners who want to start their website or blog on an initial level. So they are showing the image also for the best plan for hosting and features for different site plans.

You may choose according to your requirements.

Click here for Best Web Hosting.

Finally, I want to say thank you very much for reading this blog.

You may click for the next blog on How to set up a website or blog on WordPress using the Hostinger Web hosting service.

Thanks & Regards

Ram Lokesh Nagar

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