How to start blogging

How to Start Successful Blogging for Beginners with WordPress

What is a Blog?

A Good Blog is attractive & meaningful content written for users on your platform & subjects by you using SEO techniques, tools, media like images, and videos.

Introduction to Blogging:-

Blogging means that you write on your blog or website using your knowledge and techniques in any stream or any niche which you like and are interested in. You can write meaningful and attractive content on your platform, which is useful for users and takes interest to read and share with other users.

The beautiful advantage is that you are not dependent on another platform. Because many other platforms may come and go like Orkut, Tik Tok, and many more but your blog will always be here. It is the beauty of blogging platforms.

Blogging Platforms:-

There are many platforms for blogging on the internet. Users use them according to their requirements. Each Blogging platform has its functional advantages. So I am here writing the best blogging sites name you can check out.

Best Blogging Sites:-


●        Medium


●        Weebly

●        Substack

●        Hubpages

●        Zoomla

●        Site123


●        Hubspot CMS

●        Blogger

●        Gator

●        Tumbler


●        Squarespace

●        Ghost

WordPress Blog:-

In these blogging websites, is the world’s most popular Blogging website. It is very easy blogging for beginners. It was started in 2003. Now it is more than 42% of websites on WordPress. WordPress Website for Blogging is a free platform. It is easy to understand and has good support.

WordPress Blogging Site

You charge only for Domain name and Web Hosting.

A domain name is a unique IP address that converts with the help of the DNS (Domain Naming System) domain name to an IP address and vice versa. It is like mobile phone book contact numbers.

Domain cost here approximately rs. 100 to rs. 850 per year. Domain names are available in different types of format like .com, .in, .io, .org, .edu, .online,, .link, .live, .digital etc. But the .com format is the world’s most popular format. Cost depends on the domain and web hosting service provider companies.

Web Hosting is an internet service where you can store your files, pages, posts, data, and other information on your platform. And When you need it you can use it.

Web Hosting costs start approximately Rs. 79 per month. It depends on the different types of hosting services of companies. You can choose according to your requirements. The most popular web hosting services below are

●        WordPress Web Hosting

●        Shared Web Hosting

●        Cloud Hosting

●        C-panel Hosting

●        VPS Hosting

●        Minecraft Hosting

●        Cyber Panel VPS Hosting

Web Hosting Service Company

If you want to know more about Web hosting Services and their type then check out my Best Web Hosting Services blog

WordPress Web Hosting services is a very cheap and affordable Web Hosting service by Hostinger.

Hostinger Web Hosting services provide one free Domain with a yearly plan and money-back guarantee for 30 days. If you do not like the service.  You also get 100 free professional Email accounts with domain names like

It also provides a free SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer). Which helps to protect our data from insecure connections. It converts HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) into HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure). It means your connection is secure now. HTTP works on port number 80 and HTTPS work on port number 443.

Free SSL certificate

Where you can easily handle it and simply use it. It is my favorite because it is provided also only for WordPress Web hosting Services. It means WordPress websites users only access them for these types of services.

You can install WordPress here directly. You choose a web hosting tab and go to Manage and then go to the website and then click the auto-installer and choose WordPress. It installed WordPress automatically and filled in the details like Email ID, Database ID, and User ID, select domain for Website. gives you full control over your website. You can install themes like WordPress Astra theme or WordPress DIVI theme etc. These are the most popular themes all over the world. They provide a free community on Facebook where you can ask queries and give the answers related to WordPress blog and theme.

After installing the theme you can install plugins. Some important WordPress Plugins free below are:-

●        Updraft plugin for Backup and Restore files.

●        Site Kit by Google for Google Search Console, Google Analytics & Page speed insight.

●        Rank Math Pro SEO plugin for SEO.

●        WP rocket for Speed and maintenance.

●        Elementor for editing content of blogs or websites.

●        WP forms for WordPress forms.

●        Easy Table of contents for managing headings.

●        Really simple SSL for a secure site.

●        Imagify for compressed images

●        AMP (Accelerated Mobile Plugin)

●        Mobile-Friendly plugin.

WordPress Plugins

And many more plugins are available on WordPress. You can install them according to your requirements. It is very easy to just simply go install a plugin and add a new plugin search and install and activate it.

There are a lot of plugins, maybe in thousands. So WordPress is as powerful a tool or software as you can say. Paid plugins have more extra features.

Personal Blog:-

You can write your personal blog also. You can share your knowledge, skill, tips, or whatever you’re interested in on which topics. But write which users like and give them time to read your blog and come back again. And share your things on public platforms. It means your content must be valuable, attractive, and knowledgeable.

Blogging is an art itself. It improves your skill, thinking, and writing. It is a very interesting thing whenever you write on your topics and users like it, share it and prefer it to other users it means they are enjoying your content.

WordPress Personal Blog Site

Content is the King of your platform. Content must be powerful which stays the users on personal blogs. Without good content, it is a waste of your time. So always provide value on content. Users always want values and updated content. If your content is powerful and good SEO done then automatically it will grow your traffic on-page and take higher rank.

Blogging Business:-

If you are doing continuous blogging means constantly posting on your blog then you will make blogging business in the future. Blogging is also itself a business. First, you give valuable content to the public or users. Good content should be with SEO techniques and using SEO  tools. It helps to grow a higher rank of content and the traffic will come more to your site.

When Search Engines software (Google) means Google bots crawler come and optimize your site then they identify your content and what types of it for what types of users prefer it and then crawlers index them. After that they decide to rank your content according to their policy like content should be used properly with SEO techniques.

So, the content should be valuable with text, images, videos, etc, and easy to understand for users. You should write about what the users want in your subject.

For example, I write about digital marketing, and its related topics like WordPress, and Web Hosting.

So for Business purposes, you can use affiliate links in your content. Here I used affiliate links for a web hosting service provider company Hostinger.

WordPress blogging business

When users come to my site then they read content about web hosting services and then click on my affiliate link which I inserted on the content inside like Web Hosting Service. If they click on a link and purchase from it then I get a commission.

It depends on what types of content you are writing. Affiliate links available or not means which type of products or services you are writing about if companies have affiliate marketing services provided or not.

You can write about product reviews. A lot of users before the purchase  Any products they prefer will look at reviews on Search Engine Google. They read the reviews and then purchase them. Maybe they purchase from your affiliate link when they are reading reviews on your blog. You can say It is a blogging business.

How to Earn From Blogging:-

Yes, You can earn from blogging. As you know I talk about affiliate links on blogging business topics. It is a way to earn money from affiliate links.

For it first you must take affiliate links from companies that provide affiliate services in your sector where you can write product reviews or about service them.

Eg. Amazon provides affiliate links (Amazon Affiliate Program) who want to sell their products on your platform by giving product reviews. So when the users will come on your site and read the product reviews and then click on affiliate links then you will get a commission for it. So it is a good way to earn money from home by just writing product reviews on your platform and marketing it on social media and good SEO is compulsory for attracting crawlers to find your page on the top rank for users.

It is a good way to use first products if possible and then give reviews. Because you can write better if you use it and you can make videos unboxing the product and share it on your platform, YouTube, and on social media sites. You will get more traffic on your site like this.

Earn Online Money from Blogging

If you do not have affiliate links then you can write about your knowledge on which field you work or are interested in. You go to a niche which means a deep subject where you can write about it with valuable content as I told you before.

When your page grows more traffic than Google, give any type of advertisements on your page which users are interested in or like it depends on the Google algorithms to show ads on-page.

Which type of user search queries or products or maybe serviced on search engines than search engine algorithms understand your queries and showing these types of product or service ads to you on those pages or websites where you go.

You also see many times, many ads when you search any topic or service or product on a search engine, then it understands your queries through crawlers and shows those types of ads to show you on the internet where you use any platform like social media sites, any websites, advertisement sites, etc.

So when users click on the ads on your platform or website or blog then you will get some commissions. So it is also a good way to earn money online from home. If you want to learn practically SEO then visit Sanjay Shenoy.


WordPress website blogging is the most powerful and world’s most popular website for blogging. It is easy to understand and you can fully control your site. You can easily set it up and install plugins that you need for crawling, indexing, and ranking. These are the most important methods for higher rank for a page.

You can check my blog for the On-Page SEO technique to achieve a higher rank on the page.

For my next blog to see Basic Digital Marketing and its features.

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