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How is Local SEO Service Powerful from Other Services?

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO provides us with a higher rank on Google Search Engine. When users search for products or services related to our business. Google Search Engine and other Search Engines like Bing, Yahoo, etc optimize our business website and give the rank on users’ queries. Search Engines give results related to your area/city/country.

Local SEO

Who needs Local SEO?

If you are giving services or products to a particular area or city then it is very useful for you. Because local customers always search for queries near me or area or city. And Search Engine showed the local results.

When the user searches the query with “near me” then Google shows the result based on coordinates (Eg. My GMB Location 25°07’19.6″N 75°48’53.2″E) of that user’s location.

If you have any type of business then you must use the Google My Business page. Local SEO services for small businesses are useful. Your business may be a Coaching Institute, Restaurant, Barbershop, Professional service provider like Doctor, Engineer, Architect, Lawer, CA, Mechanic, etc.

You may have a physical store of any products like a Kirana shop, retailer, wholesaler, saintly items, Medical, Furniture store, Computer store, Electronic item store, Cloth store, and any type of store you may take benefits or more customers if you mention your business/ store/service in Google My Business Page. It is also called the GMB page.

For Google My Business Page registration you must have an Email id in Gmail. There is no requirement for a website. But if you have a website for your business then customers will believe in your business.

Google My business uses a certain area for local SEO services near me. And showed results in particular areas.

Benefits of Local SEO

There are many benefits of local SEO services.

You will increase your rank in your business.

You will get more customers to compare non-registered on the GMB page.

It will give you a higher return on investment in your business.

Your brand popularity increases day by day through a search on google.

Your brand gets more awareness and visibility through local SEO services.

How is Local SEO different from General SEO?

Local SEO optimization for whose search target keywords on a search engine that showed results according to their Geographic location or coordinates. In Local SEO service locally area optimized were your results shown by Google. Your brand Name, Phone number, and address are very important for local SEO service. Customers want only these things for identifying that you are offering their required service. Customers may be contacted on call or visit your physical store.

For local SEO search, you should give the instructions to google for local searches like location name, area name, or city name.

For local search, you don’t need a website for your business (but I recommended) you can give all your product or services information on the Google My Business page.

General SEO shows the result according to the country or globally that whose pages are ranking higher. If the user searches through only keywords then it shows the Search engine Result Page on a country or globally basis. But if the user searches with a particular city or place then it is shown according to their location results.

For general SEO you don’t need a particular location or area. You only want the best result through searching globally.

But you must have a website for general SEO if you want to achieve a higher rank globally for your services or products.

How to Optimize Your Website For Local SEO?

When search engines crawl your website then it firstly crawls your website logo and then other things. So you should optimize your website logo to mean logo file name according to your business name and with the city name.

Eg. If my business name is Digital Dhakad and my city is Kota, then my logo file name must be “digital dhakad kota.png”

It gives instructions to google when it searches. You don’t just use a logo.png name for your business or site logo. It is always descriptive to your brand name with the city name where you want to give services.

You should have a title and description related to your business and the title should be attractive and descriptive with informative means you say about your brand on a short page.

You must use your city name in the description and in the title also if possible for local SEO purposes. So your result is shown on SERP before your competitors.

Eg. Digital Marketing Service in Kota.

SEO Services

Your website URL structure must be SEO-friendly that indicate the location if needed. URL should be about what type of your content.

You should have your Name, Address, and phone number (NAP) on your website’s page. This means you can write on the Homepage and footer pages. So NAP is always shown to users.

You should always give in your website business or brand name details with street no, post no, country, region, email, contact, proper address, etc.

You should have all the information about the brand or business all the same things in your local or global search sites.

You should add Google Maps to your website. Because it gives a path to your customers that they easily get you. There is more chance to increase your customers if you have Google Maps on your site.

Google Map gives a strong signal to search engines and also users.

You can add your google map address and then it HTML code paste on your website so the map location is shown on the website. When users get it more trustable for those.

Register Your Brand with Google My Business

You must register your business with Google My Business Page.

Google My Business page is one of the most important factors for local SEO. When you create an account for your business then google verifies your business and sends code through a letter on your physical store when you enter the code then you can access the service by Google my business.

Google My Business Page

You should add services and products related to your business on the GMB page.

You should mention opening hours (eg. 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM) for each day.

You should mention a category-wise product on the GMB page.

You should reply to your customer’s review. It is very useful for us to reply to users that increase relation with them.

You should add photos of your business, services, products, store, and brand logos. You can add more photos inside and outside of your company. You should add a video also about your company and its product or service. It gives a lot of benefits.

Register your Website with BING

You should use your business website for bing places for business. It is free and very easy to complete. It can verify your business information online.

You should have a Bing profile link to your Google my business page.

Use Schema Markup for your Business

Structure data markup is a way to describe all your data. That crawler can easily understand the context better.

Schema is a very important factor for local SEO and it is implemented on your website. It always improves your brand ranking.

Use Business Page on Social Media Sites

You should use your business profile page on all social media sites. A lot of users access social media sites and spend time with a lot of them.

When you choose social media platforms like Facebook you also choose the right category for your business page and then add business details and address, contact information, etc.

Social Media Page

Reply to Reviews on site

You should always reply to your user’s review even if there are negative comments. It gives us more trustable with customers and tries to make us more comfortable with and give better service next time.

Start a Blogging about Your Business

You should start blogging for your business, if possible. You may give the customers more details about your service and products. Because many customers want to know more about service or product before they want to do it. So you can easily tell them through blogging. It may increase your traffic on-site and also on your business.

Start Blogging for your Brand

You can use internal linking SEO through local SEO-friendly keywords on your blogging. It may be very useful for your site for a higher rank on SERPs.

You can also target local keywords related to your brand product on blog pages. If you want to know more about blogging how to start it then you should read my blog How to start Successful Blogging


Local SEO is a very important factor for local businesses or companies. As an owner you should give details about your business service or products on Local search Sites, Social Media sites (like Facebook, Instagram, Medium, Quora, Answer the Public, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, etc). So your customers get more details about service and you also get more traffic on the store and also website or page.

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